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Thursday, 25 September 2014

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This year's long hot spell of British summer weather helped to attract around 4.9 million tourists in London. Among all the amazing attractions in London, Tower Bridge is always packed with tourists and the city workers during lunch hour. Some of my colleagues prefer to go for a run during their lunch break, and they call it run-ch break. 

Researchers found around one in 13 workers now swap their business suits for jogging gear and pound the streets for more than 40 minutes while their not-so health conscious colleagues tuck into their packed lunches.

Tower Bridge London - The icon of London

A spokesperson from Helly Hansen said: "There is a definite trend of the nation's workforce heading out on their lunch break and working up a sweat"

London The Walkie-Talkie, The Gherkin and The Cheese Grater

Skyscrapers in London, England

View of The Walkie-Talkie, The Cheese Grater, The Gherkin and The Tower of London from The Queen's Walk


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